dfget is the client of Dragonfly. You can use the dfget command in the command line tool.


dfget - the client of Dragonfly, a non-interactive P2P downloader.


dfget -u [URL] [options]...


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --url URL, -u URL     will download a file from this url
  --output OUTPUT, -O OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        output path that not only contains the dir part but
                        also name part
  --md5 MD5, -m MD5     expected file md5
  --callsystem CALLSYSTEM
                        system name that executes dfget,its format is
  --notbs               not back source when p2p fail
  --locallimit LOCALLIMIT, -s LOCALLIMIT
                        rate limit about a single download task,its format is
  --totallimit TOTALLIMIT
                        rate limit about the whole host,its format is
  --identifier IDENTIFIER, -i IDENTIFIER
                        identify download task,it is available merely when md5
                        param not exist
  --timeout TIMEOUT, --exceed TIMEOUT, -e TIMEOUT
                        download timeout(second)
  --filter FILTER, -f FILTER
                        filter some query params of url ,e.g. -f 'key&sign'
                        will filter key and sign query this
                        way,different urls correspond one same download task
                        that can use p2p mode
  --showbar, -b         show progress bar
  --pattern {p2p,cdn}, -p {p2p,cdn}
                        download pattern,cdn pattern not support totallimit
  --version, -v         version
  --node NODE, -n NODE  specify nodes
  --console             show log on console
  --header HEADER       http header, e.g. --header="Accept: *" --header="Host:
  --dfdaemon            caller is from df-daemon



This is the default configuration file for dfget, which specifies the address of the SuperNode.



This directory is created by dfget when you start it for the first time.

├── data/               # stores temporary data downloaded by dfget
├── dfdaemon/
│   └── data/           # default, stores temporary data generated by dfdaemon
├── logs/
│   ├── dfclient.log    # dfget's log file
│   ├── dfserver.log    # log file of peer server launched by dfget
│   └── dfdaemon.log    # dfdaemon's log file
└── meta/
    └── host.meta       # stores meta information: peer server port