Installing Dragonfly Client

You have three options when installing the Dragonfly client: installing from the latest package, installing by pulling the image, or installing from the source code.

Installing from the Latest Package

You can install from the latest packages we provided.

  1. Download a package of the client.

    cd $HOME
    # Replace ${package} with a package appropriate for your operating system and location
    wget ${package}

    Available packages:

    • If you're in China:

      • Linux 64-bit:

      • MacOS 64-bit:

    • If you're not in China:

      • Linux 64-bit:

      • MacOS 64-bit:

  2. Unzip the package.

    # Replace `xxx` with the installation directory.
    tar -zxf df-client_0.2.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz -C xxx
  3. Add the directory of df-client to your PATH environment variable to make sure you can directly use dfget and dfdaemon command.

    # Replace `xxx` with the installation directory.
    # Execute or add this line to ~/.bashrc
    export PATH=$PATH:xxx/df-client/

Installing from the Source Code

You can also install from the source code.

Note: You must have started Docker.

Installing in /opt/dragonfly/df-client

  1. Obtain the source code of Dragonfly.

    git clone
  2. Enter the target directory.

    cd Dragonfly
  3. Build dfdaemon and dfget.

    make build-client
  4. Install dfdaemon and dfget in /opt/dragonfly/df-client and create soft-link in /usr/local/bin.

    sudo make install

After this Task

Test if the downloading works.

dfget --url "http://${resourceUrl}" --output ./resource.png --node ""