An Open-source P2P-based Image and File Distribution System

What is Dragonfly?

In the era of digital transformation, businesses are migrating to micro-service frameworks, and streamlining business management with cloud platforms. Dragonfly, an open-source project from Alibaba Group, with distributed orchestration systems based on Kubernetes in mind, proactively solves the following problems in cloud native image distribution:

  • Efficiency: with P2P and CDN technology, reduce image distribution time significantly and expedite delivery;

  • Traffic control: with intelligent analysis technology, dynamically balance distribution workload and business running, implement dynamic traffic control, and guarantee business stability;

  • Security: support HTTPs protocol in private image registry, encrypt distribution content, and safeguard data security.

Why Dragonfly?

  • A P2P-Based File Distribution System

    By harnessing the power of P2P technology, it supports large-scale file distribution with improved downloading speed and success rate and lower consumption of bandwidth, especially cross-IDC bandwidth.

  • Non-Invasive Support for Various Container Technologies

    Get it up and running with a few simple configurations, without touching the code of container services.

  • Passive CDN

    It avoids downloading the same files repeatedly by taking advantage of the CDN technology.

  • Host-Level Traffic Throttling

    Cap the total traffic of all jobs on a host at a certain level.

  • Little Pressure upon File Sources

    Normally only supernodes download from the source, hence little pressure upon file sources.

  • User-Friendly

    Get everything done with a few simple configurations. Use it in a way similar to Curl.

Who Is Using Dragonfly?