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Version: v2.0.4



dfcache is the P2P cache client of dragonfly


dfcache is the cache client to of dragonfly that communicates with dfdaemon and operates on files in P2P network, where the P2P network acts as a cache system.

The difference between dfcache and dfget is that, dfget downloads file from a given URL, the file might be on other peers in P2P network or a seed peer, it's the P2P network's responsibility to download file from source; but dfcache could only export or download a file that has been imported or added into P2P network by other peer, it's the user's responsibility to go back to source and add file into P2P network.

dfcache [subcommand] [flags]

Available Commands

  completion  generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
delete delete file from P2P cache system
doc generate documents
export export file from P2P cache system
help Help about any command
import import file into P2P cache system
plugin show plugin
stat stat checks if a file exists in P2P cache system
version show version

Global Options

  -i, --cid string            content or cache ID, e.g. sha256 digest of the content
--config string the path of configuration file with yaml extension name, default is /etc/dragonfly/dfcache.yaml, it can also be set by env var: DFCACHE_CONFIG
--console whether logger output records to the stdout
-h, --help help for dfcache
--jaeger string jaeger endpoint url, like: http://localhost:14250/api/traces
--logdir string Dfcache log directory
--pprof-port int listen port for pprof, 0 represents random port (default -1)
--service-name string name of the service for tracer (default "dragonfly-dfcache")
-t, --tag string different tags for the same cid will be recognized as different files in P2P network
--timeout duration Timeout for this cache operation, 0 is infinite
--verbose whether logger use debug level
--workhome string Dfcache working directory


dfcache stat <-i cid> [flags]

-h, --help help for stat
-l, --local only check task exists locally, and don't check other peers in P2P network


dfcache import <-i cid> <file>|<-I file> [flags]

-h, --help help for import
-I, --input string import the given file into P2P network


dfcache export <-i cid> <output>|<-O output> [flags]

-h, --help help for export
-l, --local only export file from local cache
-O, --output string export file path


dfcache delete <-i cid> [flags]

-h, --help help for delete


# add a file into cache system
dfcache import --cid sha256:xxxxxx --tag testtag /path/to/file

# check if a file exists in cache system
dfcache stat --cid testid --local # only check local cache
dfcache stat --cid testid # check other peers as well

# export/download a file from cache system
dfcache export --cid testid -O /path/to/output

# delete a file from cache system, both local cache and P2P network
dfcache delete -i testid -t testtag