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An Open-source P2P-based Image and File Distribution System

questionWhat is Dragonfly ?

Provide efficient, stable, secure, low-cost file and image distribution services to be the best practice and standard solution in cloud native architectures. It is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an Incubating Level Project.

what is dragonfly

Why Dragonfly

Originally it was born to solve distribution at large scales, such as file distribution, log distribution, image distribution, etc. It solves the following problems:

transferP2P File Distribution

Use P2P technology for file transfer, improve download efficiency, and save bandwidth across IDC.


Supports multiple containers for distributing images.

trafficHost-level speed limit

Support for host-level limits speed.


Make sure all downloaded files are consistent.

pressureIsolate abnormal peers

Automatically isolate abnormal peers to improve download stability.


Harbor can distribute and preheat images based on the Dragonfly. Image acceleration based on Nydus container runtime can use Dragonfly for data distribution.

Intro To Dragonfly

Want to learn more about how dragonfly works ? Watch this video to explain the new evolution of dragonfly. The content will also cover how to deploy dragonfly and practice examples.

Who Is Using Dragonfly


Dragonfly is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project