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  • Console
    • Refactor project.
    • Optimize permissions management.
    • Optimize console UI, page visual revision.
    • Add actions such as lint and test.
    • Add development documentation.
    • Add dynamic configurations.
    • Add P2P data visualization.
  • Provides initial installation page.
  • Optimized calculations to match scheduler cluster rules.
  • Common configurations are managed dynamically through the manager.
  • Application-level speed limit and other configurations.
  • Added open api interface authentication.


  • Improve scheduling stability and collect metrics during scheduling.
  • Scheduler integrates machine learning algorithms to improve scheduling capabilities.
  • Allocate download peers based on peer bandwidth traffic.


  • Support seed peer feature.
  • Improve task download efficiency and stability.
  • Refactoring to use GRPC bidirectional stream for piece information passing between peers.
  • Support piece download priority.


  • Refactored website and added dragonfly 2.0 documentation.


  • Provide performance testing solutions in perf-tests repo.
  • Upgrade golang 1.18, refactor the project using the generic feature.