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Version: v2.0.3


This document will help you experience how to use dragonfly with nydus.

Install Dragonfly

First, deploy the dragonfly service according to different environments. Please refer to Quick Start

Enable dragonfly for nydus

Configure nydus configuration file. Please refer to Enable Nydus P2P Proxy

Add device.backend.config.proxy field to enable dragonfly HTTP proxy for storage backend. For example, use dragonfly2 distribution service to reduce network workload and latency in large scale container cluster (enable centralized dfdaemon mode).

"device": {
"backend": {
"type": "registry",
"config": {
"proxy": {
// Access remote storage backend via dragonfly proxy, e.g. Dragonfly dfdaemon server URL
"url": "http://dragonfly-proxy:65001",
// Fallback to remote storage backend if dragonfly proxy ping failed
"fallback": true,
// Endpoint of dragonfly proxy health checking
"ping_url": "http://dragonfly-proxy:40901/server/ping",
// Interval of dragonfly proxy health checking, in seconds
"check_interval": 5

Once the configuration is loaded successfully on nydusd starting, we will see the log as shown below:

INFO [storage/src/backend/] backend config: CommonConfig { proxy: ProxyConfig { url: "http://dragonfly-proxy:65001", ping_url: "http://dragonfly-proxy:40901/server/ping", fallback: true, check_interval: 5 }, timeout: 5, connect_timeout: 5, retry_limit: 0 }