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Version: v2.0.9


It plays the role of manager in the multi-P2P cluster deployment process. Used to manage the dynamic configuration that each module depends on, and provide keepalive and metrics functions.


  • Stores dynamic configuration for consumption by seed peer cluster, scheduler cluster and dfdaemon.
  • Maintain the relationship between seed peer cluster and scheduler cluster.
  • Provide async task management features for image preheat combined with harbor.
  • Keepalive with scheduler instance and seed peer instance.
  • Filter the optimal scheduler cluster for dfdaemon.
  • Provides a visual console, which is helpful for users to manage the P2P cluster.


  • Seed peer cluster and Scheduler cluster have a 1:N relationship
  • Seed peer cluster and Seed peer instance have a 1:N relationship
  • Scheduler cluster and Scheduler instance have a 1:N relationship

Manage multiple P2P networks

Manager can manage multiple P2P networks. Usually, a P2P network includes a scheduler cluster, a seed peer clsuter and many dfdaemons. The service network must be available in a P2P network.