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Version: v2.0.2


Change log level

Send SIGUSR1 signal to dragonfly process to change log level

kill -s SIGUSR1 <pid of dfdaemon, scheduler, cdn, or manager>


change log level to debug
change log level to fatal
change log level to panic
change log level to dpanic
change log level to error
change log level to warn
change log level to info

The change log level event will print in stdout and core.log file, but if the level is greater than info, stdout only.

Download slower than without Dragonfly

  1. Confirm limit rate in dfget.yaml

    # total download limit per second
    totalRateLimit: 200Mi
    # per peer task download limit per second
    # default is 20Mi, this default is in consideration of extreme environments
    perPeerRateLimit: 100Mi
    # upload limit per second
    rateLimit: 100Mi
  2. Confirm source connection speed in CDN and dfdaemon

500 Internal Server Error

  1. Check error logs in /var/log/dragonfly/daemon/core.log
  2. Check source connectivity(dns error or certificate error)


curl https://example.harbor.local/

When curl says error, please check the details in output.

Scheduler log show "resources lacked for task"

The specific log in /var/log/scheduler/core.log is:

"msg":"trigger cdn download task failed: [1000]resources lacked for
task(1920b46813f800b443fb181228794be167fe252d282dc7a258a126a048daaacd): resources lacked"

It occurs when scheduler sends GRPC request ObtainSeeds to CDN and CDN node disk in bad status.

  1. Confirm the baseDir dir in cdn.conf, by default it is /tmp/cdn
  2. Check the disk usage of baseDir in CDN node with command df -lh | grep cdn
  3. If dragonfly works in production, it is recommend to expand the disk size
  4. If dragonfly works in develop, user can modify the options fullGCThreshold and youngGCThreshold in cdn.conf to avoid error.
- config:
cleanRatio: 1
# if freeSpace > GCThreshold, CDN will not run GC
fullGCThreshold: 500M
youngGCThreshold: 1G