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Version: v2.0.2


CDN is a long-running process which caches downloaded data from source to avoid downloading the same files from source repeatedly.


cdn [flags]
cdn [command]

Available Commands

completion  generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
doc generate documents
help Help about any command
plugin show plugin
version show version


    --config string         the path of configuration file with yaml extension name, default is /etc/dragonfly/cdn.yaml, it can also be set by env var: CDN_CONFIG
--console whether logger output records to the stdout
-h, --help help for cdn
--jaeger string jaeger endpoint url, like: http://localhost:14250/api/traces
--pprof-port int listen port for pprof, 0 represents random port (default -1)
--service-name string name of the service for tracer (default "dragonfly-cdn")
--verbose whether logger use debug level

Log configuration

1. set option --console if you want to print logs to Terminal
2. log path: /var/log/dragonfly/cdn/