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Fly Your Containerized Environments by Joint Work of Harbor and Dragonfly

Speakers: Jia Zou, Allen Sun

This video is posted in 2018-12-16.

With the emergence and development of Kubernetes, it's becoming possible to run and operate large-scale containerized applications and services in enterprise environments. How to securely and effectively manage the lots of container images produced in the enterprise organizations and distribute them to the large-scale runtimes with less time and efforts when starting applications or services on demand is still a challenge. In this presentation, we'll introduce a joint solution from the open source trust cloud-native registry Harbor and the open source intelligent P2P based file distribution system Dragonfly to address the above challenge. The main contents include:

  1. Manage your container images in a secure and effective way.
  2. Distribute your container image in the P2P way by layers.
  3. Pre-release your container applications from the image registry.
  4. Let's see the fantastic demo.