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Introduce Dragonfly

Speakers: Allen Sun, Zuozheng Hu

This video is posted in 2019-05-22.

As cloud native becomes more and more popular in industry, how to distribute images efficiently and safely is a new challenge for enterprises. Dragonfly is an open source intelligent P2P based image and file distribution system. Its goal is to tackle all distribution problems in cloud native scenarios. Dragonfly focuses on:

  • Simple: well-defined user-facing API (HTTP), non-invasive to all container engines
  • Efficient: CDN support, P2P based file distribution to save enterprise bandwidth
  • Intelligent: host level speed limit, intelligent flow control due to host dection
  • Secure: block transmission encrytion,

HTTPS connection support we will focus on the introduction and live demo of Dragonfly, review and provide solutions for enterprises, including mass distribution, secure transmission, bandwidth cost. Real use cases will be discussed in the session.