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Dragonfly 介绍、更新和快手中的 AI 模型分发实践

演讲者: 戚文博, 刘泽坤

视频发布于 2023-09-27.

Dragonfly 基于 P2P 技术提供高效、稳定和安全的文件分发和图像加速,旨在成为云原生架构中的最佳实践和标准解决方案。在本次演讲中,将简要介绍 Dragonfly, 并介绍最新版本的特性。最后,我们将介绍在快手中使用 Dragonfly 和 Nydus 进行 AI 模型分发的最佳实践。

Dragonfly provides efficient, stable and secure file distribution and image acceleration based on p2p technology to be the best practice and standard solution in cloud native architectures. In this talk, there is a brief introduction to dragonfly and inform the features of the latest version. Finally, we will introduce the best practice of using Dragonfly & Nydus for AI model distribution in Kuaishou.